The interior Contracting Estimator is responsible for a complete and thorough take-off, will define costs, scopes of work, assembly set-up, and methodology. Working with the interior finish team, the Estimator will provide technical support, design options and best solutions based on cost, engineering quality, and availability of material. The Estimator is expected to seek out new work through the bid market and through relationships. The Estimator is a key member of the bid review team, which will ensure the accuracy and completeness of all bids prior to formal quotation.

Team General Support

  • Provides technical support to others involved in the estimating process. May review design options and recommend best solutions based on cost, engineering quality, or availability of material.
  • Tracks awarded contracts as required – may include estimating/pricing extra work items, change orders etc.
  • Conducts hand-off meetings to ensure that all relevant information about the project is passed on to the Project Coordinator / Construction Team.
  • Participates in initial site visit on renovation projects
  • Seeks out new work through the Bid Market and through relationships.
  • Participates in presentations to Clients. May be responsible for “closing the sale”.

Corporate Support

  • Has the respect of others and leads by example.
  • Excellent Communication skills / can develop relationships and represent the company well in front of owners and GC at business development meetings, pre and post bid meetings.
  • Has company’s interest at heart / will stand up for Bouma’s position when needed, professionally.
  • Has a “can do” attitude
  • Lives the company’s Guiding Principles
  • Professional documentation and communication
  • Maintains a high level of integrity in all relationships
  • Exercises good interpersonal skills by gladly assisting others to accomplish the work of the organization, even if outside the scope of regular duties.


  • Provides a complete, thorough, and accurate take-off and define scopes of work on projects selected for bids, including the development of the take-off assembly set-up.
  •  Reviews and incorporates historical data from purchase orders, subcontracts, productivity reports etc., into the final estimate.
  • Reviews proposal specifications, drawings, attend pre-bid meetings etc., to determine scopes of work and required contents of the estimate.
  • Participates in bid review meetings to ensure accuracy and completeness prior to formal quotation.
  • Can identify “holes in the plans /specs, and asks the right questions for clarification.
  • Is knowledgeable in the interior finish process and able to visualize how a job will go together. Knows plans, specs, and contracts well.


  •  Meets bid deadline
  •  Responsible for obtaining vendor and sub-labor quotes
  • Initiates the RFI process
  •  Ensures that all addendums are reviewed
  • Looks ahead and anticipates / understands “field conditions”.
  •  Understands production output required to meet estimate

Expected Results

  • Accurate and complete quantity take-offs.
  • Suggestions for value engineering to ensure low price.
  • Meet bid deadlines.
  • Professional representation of Bouma at Post Bid Meetings.
  • Develop Relationships with GC Estimators.
  • Produce Recap sheets consistent with Bouma Standards.