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“Team Bouma means a lot more than a workplace to me – it has become a way a life. The welcoming atmosphere makes me feel like I’m part of a great family with sound guiding principles and high standards.”

Beginning in 1997, Edwyn initiated the first steps towards a long and interesting career in the construction industry. Edwyn was primarily trained and focused on the finishing end of projects. These exposures sharpened Edwyn’s abilities and skills and led him to additional opportunities, including building his own drywall business with his brother. It was through this commitment-based enterprise that a great business relationship was established with the Bouma Corporation that was cultivated for many years to come.

In 2007, Bouma opened a door for Edwyn and he worked in the field before being promoted to Drywall Sublabor Manager in 2015. In 2018, we was once again promoted to his current role as Drywall Manager. Edwyn saw this promotion as a step to a brighter future full of challenges and opportunities to not only interact with sublabor hang and finishers, but to manage and oversee Bouma’s in-house hangers and finishers as well.