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The company has built its reputation on honesty, integrity and quality craftsmanship – on conducting business the right way – the Bouma way.

The legacy of The Bouma Corporation dates back to 1950, when brothers John and Paul Bouma began the Bouma Tile Company in Southwest Michigan. A small loan from their parents allowed the brothers to grow their business, excelling in both residential and commercial interiors, while also establishing a strong culture. Hence, Bouma’s Guiding Principles were formed, which our team members continue to embody in every project they do.


Our Guiding Principles are key to the Bouma Approach, forming a foundation for all we do. Our architectural finishing solutions are achieved through a combination of expert craftsmanship, integrity, creativity, teaming and more – these are the principles that drive us.

Additionally, we bring success to every custom architectural finishing project with our technical skills, wisdom, respect for the project and client, trust in one another, a willingness to work together, a positive attitude and enthusiasm. Whether your project vision is an addition, renovation or new construction – whether conducting maintenance or repairs – our team looks forward to delivering quality finishes and experiences for our clients.



As one of the Bouma Guiding Principles, SAFETY is at the forefront of what we do. The Bouma team honors this commitment every day, on every single project, during on-site and off-site operations…


At Bouma, we promote a culture of respect, integrity and commitment to our promises. Before the 40-hour work week; before readily-available bank loans and lines of credit; before vacation pay and health insurance were standard benefits, there was the handshake.

Today at Bouma, a handshake is still a contract.
You have our word.



Quality is prioritized in our finishing work. We procure state-of-the-art materials and equipment in order to meet your bottom line and deliver on budget. We pride ourselves on the quality of our people who have expert multi-generational knowledge and experience. We complete a top quality product every time.


The Bouma Corporation belongs to numerous professional associations, and is also committed to community-building initiatives. We engage in many annual events, and are grateful to have been recognized for our expertise.