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“I enjoy working at Bouma Corp because of its Christian values and the integrity that is shown to customers and vendors. I am proud of our great workforce.”

John completed high school at Grand Rapids Christian High School and has worked his way to serve as Purchasing Manager for Bouma Corporation. John is responsible for procuring, expediting, and scheduling deliveries of materials and services to jobsites. Additional responsibilities include maintaining and implementing a construction budget for each project, negotiating pricing contracts with subcontractors and suppliers, issuing purchase orders for procurement, expedition of materials and equipment for jobs, and researching new materials for design and cost savings.

Along with the above duties, John’s position also encompasses developing and implementing new purchasing strategies to deliver ongoing cost reductions and process simplification, maintaining and establishing new relationships with subcontractors and suppliers, and leveraging technology/safety measures and information sharing to increase productivity and profitability. John also handles change order requests, forecasts upcoming demand, manages materials inventory, and assists in maintaining company quality control programs.